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4 Features All Pharmacy Websites Should Have in 2024

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The majority of pharmacies have a website but does your website help streamline processes and drive new customers to your pharmacy?

The best pharmacy websites have a range of tools and features that help your pharmacy website act as an asset to your business.

In this blog we are going to explore the top 4 features all independent pharmacy websites should have in 2024…

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1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Creating a website without ranking it in the search results to attract visitors is like opening a pharmacy in the middle of nowhere – it won’t serve its purpose. SEO is the process of optimising your website so it shows up in the search results of the main search engines. While there are both technical and on page sides to search engine optimisation, ultimately SEO tells google what search results you would like to show up for and as a result what customers you would like to attract. Therefore, prioritising SEO is essential for maximising website effectiveness and attracting your target audience.

2. Mobile Optimised

Design is key when it comes to your website, encompassing not just its appearance but also its functionality, layout, and mobile accessibility is a must. User expectations are pivotal in making the site as convenient for the end user as possible. With more and more people using mobile phones to access websites, mobile responsiveness is vital. Expectations are shaped by users’ experiences with various websites. Your pharmacy website should align with modern standards to meet these expectations, as failing to do so will result in users leaving your site quickly. Ensuring a good user experience is paramount, as outdated designs no longer suffice in today’s tech-savvy world. Incorporating modern features enhances user satisfaction and drive better results in the form of new patients and service bookings.

3. Online Bookings

Once a potential customer has landed on your page to read about a service you offer, a booking calendar will give them an end goal to their interaction online and secure you as the pharmacy that gets the service booking. Let them leave the website without booking the service and you risk them going elsewhere. Booking an appointment brings a sense of ‘buy in’ and commitment to your pharmacy.

For many patients booking an appointment online takes only a few minutes and can be done at any time of day whereas booking via the phone must be done during the pharmacy opening hours and takes almost ten minutes on average. Plus, when patients book online this saves your pharmacy team the time in handling bookings.

Online bookings are the perfect Call To Action (CTA) for blog posts, social media posts and service pages. They also reduce no shows as we can integrate your booking systems with email and SMS notification systems to send automated reminders to patients prior to their appointment.

4. Up to date information

Improving access to healthcare and providing up to date information to patients is a key role of the community pharmacist and the wider pharmacy team. Your pharmacy website is no different. This is why it is vital to ensure that all information on your website is up to date. Here at Pharmacy Media, we have in house pharmacists that review all websites prior to launch to ensure the accuracy of clinical information. We also ask the client to confirm the accuracy of all other data such as opening hours and prices.

Keeping your website up to date requires regular updates and input from yourself or your website development partner such as Pharmacy Media. Google also ranks websites higher when they have up to date information and regularly produced fresh content on their site.

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